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Environment and Cycles

The vein market is robust. According to the American College of Phlebology, over half of the population 50 and over is afflicted with venous disease. There are two major segments: Clinical and Cosmetic. Advanced Vein Solutions has developed a system of marketing catered to the composition of our clients’ patient demographics and practice goals. Cosmetic phlebology follows distinct cycles, where as clinical vein treatment is far more stable throught the year. Our marketing approach focuses on both segments where as to create a steady flow of patients and capitilize on the busier time periods.
Marketing vs Advertising
We have all seen the expensive billboards with beautiful legs advertising a cosmetic vein center. While effective for a cash intensive cosmetic practice, the cost is substancial. Physician marketing is more cost effective and often more productive. Some of the most successful vein practices do not have a single billboard.


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