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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a consultant?

Generally, it takes about four months for a practice to become competent with
the process of phlebology assessment and treatment. Many do not break even
the first year. Why? because a good office and the right staff is no t enough. A
system needs to be utilized. I can develop a system and provide all the tools and
training to run it efficiently and realize potential profit from day one. ...It takes a
week, 1 week.

Can my facility treat venous disease?

Almost any specialty can supervise and perform minimally invasive vein treatment. Our client list includes Cardiology, General and Vascular Surgery, Neurology, Interventional Radiology, Dermatology, Podiatry, Gynecology and Internal Medicine. Almost any exam room can be used for diagnosis and treatment.

Is it safe?

Our safety record is impecable in over 60,000 cases we have never experienced a procedure related DVT or embolism. None of our patients have required hospital stays, antibiotics or emergency services.

How Much is Covered By Insurance?

Medicare and all major insurance plans cover evaluation and treatment. In our clinical practices, less than 3% are cash basis.

How will I find patients?

Over half the general population is afflicted with some form of venous disease. Your current patient population will undoubtedly suffer from venous disease. We pride ourselves on assisting all levels of staff on identifying possible canidates. Our direct physician marketing program will help your facility develop strong referal pipelines. See the marketing section for more details.

My Practice is busy. How can we add a new service?

All of our client physicians are thriving in both their respective specialties and in vein programs. Advanced Vein Solutions integrates phlebology in to your current practice. We work autonomously, requiring little assistance from your busy staff. In addition, all of the time consuming tasks for procedures are performed while providers are performing their regular functions. An ultrasound requires no provider time, procedures require less than 5 minutes. All office visits and follow up visits are brief and necessary data for the visit is provided.

Is adding a venous disease program profitable?

I challenge you to find a program more profitable. Integrating a phlebology program requires little up front investment, minimal inventory and using our services, no new employee hires. The reimbursement is excellent and the prevalence of disease is extraordinary.


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